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About Me - Mom, soapmaker, nurse practitioner

My name is Lisa Townsend, I am a mom with two kids, Frank and Elena. They are a daily inspiration to do and make "good for you" things; homemade and handmade when possible. In my daily life as a nurse practitioner, I am reminded of the importance of healthy living and have brought this to the core of our day to day life


When my kids were babies, I became aware of the synthetic chemicals that many body care products are made of. I tried to be mindful of what was going in and on their bodies. Reading labels on products endlessly left me feeling overwhelmed. It has been empowering to be able to take responsibility for what our family puts on and in our bodies. I believe home should be the primary source of well-being and feel a responsibility to produce homemade, less wasteful, and mindfully crafted products that me and my family use daily. All my life, I have needed a creative outlet and in this busy world, I am grateful that I can slow down and do this; make these things at home, from scratch. I feel truly blessed to be able to share them with you. 


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